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July & August 2017

2nd July

Biblical Synergy

20170702 Biblical Synergy.mp3

9th  July

Come to Me

20170709 Come to Me.mp3

16th July

Power of Poetry

20170716 Power of Poetry.mp3

23rd July

Who or What is God

20170723 Who or What is God.mp3

30th  July

Technology Threat

20170730 Technology Threat.mp3

6th August


20170806 Transfiguration.mp3

13th August

Lord Save Me

20170813 Lord Save Me.mp3

20th August


20170820 Glory.mp3

27th August


20170827 Heaven.mp3

September & October 2017

3rd September


of Life

20170903 Seasons of Life.mp3

10th September God’s Word

20170910 God's Word.mp3

17th September

The Holy Cross

20170917 The Holy Cross.mp3

25th September


20170925 Taxes.mp3

1st October


20171001 Harvest.mp3

8th October

Woes & Warnings

20171008 Woes & Warnings.mp3

15th October Mercy

20171015 Mercy.mp3

22nd October Who Are We Following?

20171022 Who Are We Following.mp3