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January & February 2017

15th January 2nd Week of Epiphany

20170115 2nd Week of Epiphany.mp3

22nd  January Unity

20170122 Unity.mp3

29th January Presentation of Christ

20170129 Presentation of Christ.mp3

26th February Transfiguration  of Christ

20170226 Transfiguration of Christ.mp3

March & April 2017

5th March

Preparation for Lent

20170305 Preparation for Lent.mp3

19th March


20170319 Risk.mp3

26th March

Mothering Sunday

20170326 Mothering Sunday.mp3

4th April

Only By Grace Can We Enter

20170402 Only By Grace Can We Enter.mp3

9th April

Palm Sunday

20170409 Palm Sunday.mp3

16th April

The Lord is Risen

20170416 The Lord Is Risen.mp3

24th April

You’ll Never Walk Alone

20170423 You'll Never Walk Alone.mp3

30th April

Made in God’s Image

20170430 Made in God's Image.mp3

May & June 2017

7th  May

Who is Your Shepherd ?

20170507 Who is Your Shepherd.mp3

14th  May


20170514 Appear.mp3

21st May

Don’t Be Afraid

20170521 Don't Be Afraid.mp3

28th May

When the Time is Right

20170528 When the Time is Right.mp3

4th June

The Holy Spirit

20170604 The Holy Spirit.mp3

11th June


20170612 Trinity.mp3

23rd June


20170623 Prayer.mp3

18th June


20170618 Honour.mp3

July & August 2017

2nd July

Biblical Synergy

20170702 Biblical Synergy.mp3

9th  July

Come to Me

20170709 Come to Me.mp3

16th July

Power of Poetry

20170716 Power of Poetry.mp3

23rd July

Who or What is God

20170723 Who or What is God.mp3

30th  July

Technology Threat

20170730 Technology Threat.mp3

6th August


20170806 Transfiguration.mp3

13th August

Lord Save Me

20170813 Lord Save Me.mp3

20th August


20170820 Glory.mp3