2018 Jul - Dec


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November & December 2018

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September & October 2018

1st July

Gods Tests

20180701 Gods Tests.mp3

8th July

What Limits Miracles

20180708 What Limits Miracles.mp3

15th July

God’s Sovereignty

20180715 God's Sovereignty.mp3

22nd  July


20180722 Trust.mp3

29th July

James Brother Of Jesus

20180729 James Brother Of Jesus.mp3

5th August

Immutable God

20180805 Immutable God.mp3

12th August

Treasure In God’s Word

20180812 Treasure In God's Word.mp3

19th August

Importance of Music

20180819 Importance of Music.mp3

26th August

Saints And  The Faithful In Christ

20180826 Saints And The Faithful In Christ.mp3

4th November

Rejoice In  The Lord Always

20181104 Rejoice In The Lord Always.mp3

11th November

War & Remembrance

20181111 War & Remembrance.mp3

18th November

Ancient Yet Modern

20181118 Ancient Yet Modern.mp3

25th November


The King

20181125 Christ The KIng.mp3

2nd December


20181202 Hope.mp3

9th December


20181209 Peace.mp3

16th December


20181216 Joy.mp3

23rd December


20181223 Love.mp3

25th December

The Christmas Story

20181225 The Christmas Story.mp3

2nd  September

Heart Of  The Matter

20180902 Heart Of The Matter.mp3

9th September

Reverence & Fear

20180909 Reverence & Fear.mp3

16th September

Grace & Peace

20180916 Grace & Peace.mp3

23rd September

Jesus Leads

20180923 Jesus Leads.mp3

7th October

Scatter The Seed

20181007 Scatter The Seed.mp3

14th October

Pre Destination

20181014 Pre Destination.mp3

21st  October


20181021 Temptation.mp3

28th  October

Follow The Word

20181028 Follow The Word.mp3