2016 Jul - Dec


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November & December 2016

6th November Salt & Light

20161106 Salt & Light.mp3

20th November

Christ The King

20161120 Christ the King.mp3

27th November

1st Sunday of Advent

20161127 1st Sunday of Advent.mp3

4th December


20161204 Peace.mp3

11th December


20161211 Joy.mp3

18th December Love

20161218 Love.mp3

25th December Christmas Day Message

20161225 Christmas Day Message.mp3

July & August 2016

3rd July

Where Did You Put Your Cross

20160703 Where Did You Put Your Cross.mp3

10th July

Spiritual Food

20160710 Spiritual Food.mp3

17th July

There’s Nobody Like Him

20160717 There's Nobody Like Him.mp3

24th July

More Than Words

20160724 More Than Words.mp3

31st July

Be Prepared

20160731 Be Prepared.mp3

7th August

Getting Serious About God

20160807 Getting Serious About God.mp3

14th August

Your Best Friend

20160814 Your Besr Friend.mp3

21st August

God’s Will

20160821 God's Will.mp3

28th August

Recognising God’s Will

20160828 Recognising God’sWill.mp3

September & October 2016

16th October Evangelism

20161016 Evangelism.mp3

23rd October The Bible

20161023 The Bible.mp3

30th  October Saints & Souls

20161030 Saints & Souls.mp3

19th  September


20160918 Matthew.mp3

25th September


20160925 Harvest.mp3

2nd October Heavenly Beings

20161002 Heavenly Beings.mp3

9th October Service

20161009 Service.mp3

4th September

War With

Satan Won

20160904 War with Satan Won.mp3

11th September

The Holy Cross

20160911 The Holy Cross.mp3